One of my first and proudest memories is still winning a speed skating race at Rollerland in Fort Collins when I six. After seeing my first derby bout in 2008, I determined that I was born to play roller derby and immediately bought the cheapest possible pair of skates and tried out for a team. Surviving an extremely humbling tryout and a painful rejection letter, I instead found a team that didn't have tryouts and joined despite an hour-long commute to practice. Skating, meeting new friends, leading practices, more skating, bouting, committee meetings, it was all a dream. But after five years of derby, and two broken pinky fingers in a row, it became clear that it was time to move along and find a new hobby. 

Meanwhile, Misty Molish grew up roller skating at the local skating rink every Wednesday, taking lessons as a kid and later going to hang with friends. Once high school and later college rolled around, shifting interests caused her to hang up her skates for a few years until a fateful day in 2007 when a friend convinced her to come and try out this new thing called Roller Derby. Once those wheels were strapped to her feet once again it all came rushing back... Not just the skating skills but the love of the feeling of rolling around the rink at top speeds. After that day she never looked back and has had wheels strapped to her feet ever since! She skated with leagues in New Jersey, and Boston, and after moving to Boulder, Colorado a few years later the call to Roller Derby returned. Only 3 days after moving across the country she found herself at a new recruit night. After 2 years of skating with a highly competitive roller derby league, she decided it was time to try something new. 

At some point there were rumors of a new option: fitness skating. But when you're a derby girl, anything less than ten hours a week of blood-sweat-and-tears seems like a wimpy pastime. After quitting derby, and watching their skates grow rusty and cobwebby, Misty and I started to give the idea a little more thought. We knew how to run practices, we were passionate about fitness, and that knew lots of skaters that still loved the feeling of being on skates but couldn't commit to derby. So we applied to be pivot partners at Derby Lite and ran classes through that program for two years.

In 2016, we took the plunge and started our own business running fitness skating classes. If you already love to skate or want to learn, we want to teach you... and we want to get fit, build community, and have the most fun ever while doing it. We have spent years skating, fine tuning our teaching skills, and studying fitness and we're ready to rock and roll. We know skating like nobody else; it's our favorite thing to do and we wanna share that love with you. Our community is so fun, so inclusive, and so incredible. Colorado Skate Fitness is low pressure, no drama "choose your own adventure" community fun and we can't wait to see you in class!


Joanna Gruesome